Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Nozkowski’s gracefully understated, slightly fantastical world of painting and drawing is an intriguing place to visit, theres even comfortable seating available.
Well okay, not real recliners but at least a quirkily rendered version of an arm chair-like apparition floating about the Matisse-ish fabric of this delicate diagram.
The pleasurable experience gained from Nozkowski’s interpretative gem’s stem from devotion to simplicity of line. When he gets it just right (this show has a bit too much work, the more geometric pattering in some of the pieces was trite and could have been left out) there’s a delicate balancing act that delights the eye. Color keys the temperature sensitive nature of his art, heating it up and cooling down as necessary, while gradations of shading shift a viewer’s perception between line and form. A Klee like reduction to bare essentials does not denude the pictures of sensation, rather it clarifies the distinctions of flat planes that gently undulate in and out of figure/ground relationships creating an illusionary pictorial depth.
The associative references of his compositions run the gamut from sub atomic particles to the “inner” landscape of architectonic structure. But that’s the fun part of gazing at art that plays with our non-literal abilities to see things in a child-like manner. You get to make it up as you go along.       

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