Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WEOW NetFlix pick of the week: The Kings Speech

In lieu of royal wedding hysteria we at WEOW recommend Geoffrey Rush’s tour de force performance in The Kings Speech.
Based on the diaries of the real speech therapist Lionel Logue, Rush takes this role and runs with it. Some scenes are shot in Logue’s actual flat with a colorful but mysterious mural serving as backdrop. (not a set as I understood it)
Rush’s Logue gradually coaxes Colin Firth’s Prince George out of his royally stuttering snit by insisting on such indignities as calling his royal highness “Bertie” as do only his closest family members.
After a hilarious scene in which Logue encourages some prolific and loud foulmouthed ranting from the future king, we hear the gripping story of Bertie’s abuse from his nanny as a 4 year old.
Tom Hooper who also made the HBO series John Adams directs this wonderfully woven tale of royal privilege and dysfunction. His expertise as a documentarian delving into the private lives of significant historical figures is showcased by an amazing cast in KS.
The supporting roles of women in this film lend a theatrical foundation to the script. Seen all too briefly, Eve Best from Nurse Jackie plays a conniving Wallis Stevens. The Ice Queen Mary is aced by Claire Bloom, and of course everything Helena Bonham Carter touches is golden.

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