Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Surf Shack Grows in Brooklyn/ The Perfect Nothing Catalog

216 India St, Greenpoint
The rural environs of a vacant lot right off McGuinness Blvd have given rise to a very post hippie happening this spring. Brooklyn Grange opened their farm store, and right next door Frank Traynor has set up his ice fishing shack as a kind of Zen gift shop.
Not only will you find Jeanne Tremel’s (my wife) cat head portraits fashioned from antique pottery shards and beach glass found strewn about various shorelines and salvaged by her, but other odd ball oddities and vintage bits.
You may have missed the opening night cookout of grilled apples, carrots, and peppers (so did we, I was hungry), but Frank will be there (soft) peddling his wares all summer.
Wed-Sat, about 12 N-8 PM, better to call ahead 218 240 9350.

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