Thursday, December 5, 2013

Caving, Curated by Yevgeniya Baras & Farrell Brickhouse at Honey Ramka

Honey Ramka is right next door to Life On Mars, and the two spaces personify the upwardly mobile, professional looking direction of new Bushwick galleries. Yet both are still artist-run, and I would think have continued to follow the grass roots, ‘no stable’ model of on-going exhibitions featuring lesser-known artists. How long this invigorating trend will last before big money collectors catch on is anyone’s guess (mine is not long), but in the meantime the Bogart galleries continue to come up with some soulful shows that for the most part manage to eschew décor.
Caving is a collection of quirky images and objects that exude funky figures and symbols. Baras’s (who is one of the founders of Regina Rex) own work is featured prominently to good effect. She describes herself as a Russian Jew émigré, and although she’s attended top-notch art schools, there may be elements of Hebrew iconology present that lend a sense of ethnic esoterica. 

Farrell Brickhouse’s loose, squirmy figures dovetail nicely with Baras’s mystical gestures.
Brickhouse has always laid in the paint, and at times they can seem mired, but these new glitter pieces have an exuberant splendor.  They could contain acrobats displaying painterly gymnastics as they toss about a lushly felt ground.  
Baras's curatorial effort includes an eclectic compilation of visually diverse intentions, personifying the pluralistic nature of the Bushwick scene. Artist-friendly collaborations such as this with local gallerists are a mainstay of this exciting moment in the thriving creative movement that is Bushwick. 




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