Monday, June 13, 2011

Bushwick Open Studios, June 2011

Its amazing I’ve lasted as long as I have at Brooklyn Fireproof. This once out-of-the-way building of relatively unimproved artist studio spaces now features a rock’n roll bar downstairs (albeit cash only)
The building next door houses the studios of big shot artists such as Amy Sillman and Fred Tomaselli (oh god, now I’ve become a name dropper. You’ll have to shoot me.)
I’ve always had to vacate the premises as soon as these kinds of hip ventures appeared. I did have to downsize last year, but perhaps as the elder statesman (Jeanne and I always feel like someone’s parents when sitting at the bar) in the building I’ve gained some equity.
So even though my cynical side thought why bother, no one ever goes to open studio days, we decided to give it a shot again this year, after missing last year due to apathy.
We could only open for Sunday this year (Sat was the busier day according to some other artists in the building), but nonetheless we got a pretty good crowd (including a 6’4” cross dresser with purple tights and pancake make-up, who was quite pleased that she fooled me briefly).
We didn’t get offered a show at Gagosian, but we did have a good time putting up some new work, sipping some vino, and hanging with some like-minded hipster artist types.
We really all should grow up and get jobs! (nah)

    New crochet pieces by Jeanne.

    Crochet and new oil paintings on paper by Jeanne.

    New Beach Rope sculpture by me, with oil stencils on marmoleum.

    More by me.

   My painting table.

    Taken of some other open studios in the building:

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