Monday, June 13, 2011

The Van Gogh Project, a blog by Paul Studtmann

By far the most amusingly sly piece of art blogging I’ve yet to stumble across.
Concocted by a crackpot/visionary philosophy professor in Indianapolis (I think), the episodic vignettes revolve around a piece of art called “Falling Down Man” shipped to said professor that was damaged by USPS.
But the philosophical constructs thicken when the artist decides that this mishandling has markedly improved the painting. 
Our intrepid blogger has also hatched some kind inscrutable scheme to acquire a Van Gogh based on a wacky comes around/goes around, trade up in the universe premise.
You have to have been there.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
It is funny how greedy I can be. I haven’t yet received an offer for Falling Down Man that I want to pursue and so have been wondering why the Universe has abandoned me.

But that’s crazy! It’s only been a few weeks since the Universe gave me a great gift.

The USPS chucked a spear into Charlie’s painting thereby doubling its value and allowing me trade up along the OJ scale. The Universe couldn’t have given me a clearer sign that getting a Van Gogh is a genuine possibility. 

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